Choir Director Job Description

Wesley United Methodist Church

Choir Director

Job Description

  • The choir director will have a background and understanding of sacred music

  • The choir director’s staff supervisor is the pastor. Consultation and corroboration are expected and essential

  • The choir director will work to schedule practice and music presentations for regular and special worship services (Maundy Thursday, Christmas Eve, etc.) and occasional special events (i.e. concerts, cantatas).

  • The choir director will work together with the Worship Committee and pastor in planning and implementing Wesley’s music program.

  • The choir director will direct the chancel choir at one service each Sunday and at special services (see above) as necessary. The choir director’s presence at both services is important.

  • The choir director will conduct at least one chancel choir rehearsal per week (additional rehearsals as necessary for special events). The summer rehearsal schedule will be approved by the pastor and worship committee.

  • The choir director will coordinate the selection, ordering and filing of music, choir supplies and apparel.

  • The choir director will direct at least one special production (i.e. Cantata) per year.

  • The choir director will coordinate the ongoing recruitment of new choir members.

  • The choir director will be responsible for securing special music for services in which one of the choirs does not sing.

  • Knowledge of church music and familiarity of United Methodist theology and liturgy and worship is essential. Continuing education is important and encouraged.

  • Punctuality for rehearsals, worship services, and other presentations is expected.

Benefits: After one year, will be eligible for one week paid vacation from normal job responsibility. After three years, will be eligible for two weeks paid vacation from normal job responsibility.

Time off without pay may be arranged, if substitute is found.

Submit cover letter and resume, in addition to any other pertinent information, to Wesley United Methodist Church, 1322 W. Broadway Blvd, Sedalia, MO, 65301 or email to Rev. Dennis Harper, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.